Днес се върнах от Румъния. Дълго пътуване, парти и пак дълго пътуване. Разбрах, че единственото нещо, което сама съм решила да харесвам, без чуждо влияние, са китовете...
Разбрах също, че ако има нещо, в което съм безспорно добра, това е ориентацията :)

Куките на AVON

Странна гледка на един завой:
Куки пишат акт. Хорица обикалят около тях и им се обясняват. До тях паркирана бяла астра с тъмно син надпис... "POLICE"? Не - "AVON"!


Our ax broke and for quite some time now we've been needing a new ax for our firewood. Now that days are getting progressively colder, this necessity became an urgent need, so we finally stopped procrastinating and went out to buy an ax. We walked to the store and bought a medium hunting ax, and since my husband had some other places to go he let me carry it. On the way back he would tease me and I would say something like "This is not the proper tone to use while talking to an armed woman", squeezing some more giggles out of popular jokes, until I noticed that people are frowning at me or looking at me with a spark of terror in their eyes.

So I started wondering if I really look so bloodthirsty, after all, it's only a medium hunting ax, nothing terrifying. Then as we were nearing home I caught a glimpse of my reflection in a window (yes, my windows are that clean :P). Finally everything became clear to me. It was the hair! My always fuzzy and out-of-control hair! I took a shower earlier and fell asleep with my hair still wet. Then I woke up and brushed it and it exploded! I must have been a spectacle... I wonder if my husband handed me the ax on purpose, to add to my decor :P

Fresh Granny

Something really kool happened to me the other day, something I wouldn't mind sharing w/ anyone who's reading this.

It was way after supper, I was in our tiny local convenience store and as I was paying my bill about to leave, I heard this voice behind me talking to the cashier (who is also the store owner). The voice said, "Vancho, I'm going home now, but I just wanted to stop by and give you a chance to look at me". I thought to myself, "How weird", but as I turned around I was shocked to see a 90-year-old granny dressed in a native Bulgarian folk costume with golden belts, goat-skin shoes, a freshly picked pink rose tucked in her head-cloth and everything! With her rosy cheeks and sparkling eyes she looked a LOT younger than me. I could not help telling her how beautiful she is and she told me how she had been dancing all night and what a lovely night it was. I have to admit I was a little envious. I'm 26 and I can't remember when was the last time I danced all night and looked so fresh afterwards :)


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