i'm a brunette. i've lived up in the mountains my entire life but love whales and marine biology. hate the sea, though. or maybe just the shore....
i'm a homeschooling mother of three. that's a no-no here where i live so if you don't like my web site you know how to make me suffer :)
i'm also a hell of a wife ;)

useless facts about me:

i see people in colors. i'm green, but i constantly change shades.
winter is depressing me
sometimes i get the urge to mount a horse and gallop the hills, but i always postpone it for "someday"
i love people
i love human beings
i love other species, but am grossed out by monkeys
i have respect for nature
i have respect for life
i give the best massages (try me if you can afford it) :D
i'm a DJ's wife so i get to go to a lot of parties
i love milk from real cows
i don't like to get my hands dirty, especially with something sticky
i am anxious to see what will happen next
i enjoy being scared
i'm allergic to flowers, chemicals and Paolo Coelho
i'm alert in time of accidents, i'm the one who will give you a piggy-back ride to the hospital while carrying your chopped off leg.
i love to clean my home
i love old people


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